2018 BMW M5: All Wheel Drive, 600 Horsepower and 189 mph

This is the new 2018 BMW M5 which should become the fastest M5 that has ever existed. This M5 will be the first, with all-wheel drive and without the option for a manual transmission. BMW’s Mx Drive system is rear biased. From Carandriver brief experience in a prototype making the estimated 4350 pound M5 feel like an E90 M3. The net horsepower(which is identical to the final special editions of the F10 M5) also 553 lb-ft of torque up 371lb-ft from the previous M5. Peak torque is maintained from 1800 rpm to 5,700 rpm which the M5 reaches peak power.

This car has a estimated zero-to-60 time of 3.2 seconds also a claimed 189 mph top speed. This car ditch’s the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that is shared with the M3, M4, and M6. It now has a conventional eight-speed automatic it locks it’s torque converter immediately after launch. This car comes standard with Michelin Sport 4S rubber (275/40ZR-19in front, 285/40 ZR-19 in the rear) This is the standard sized tyre and 20 inch wheels are available in the same width’s are optional.

Source: carandriver

The Next Generation Land Rover Defender will be sold around the World

Land Rover will be a unibody construction.

The Production of the iconic ended in 2016 after being on the market for 30 years , much to the disappointment of enthusiasts everywhere. Reports confirm that a new Defender will be on the market in just a few years… it just won’t be the same  off-roader we’ve come to know and love.

According to Automotive News, the Land Rover Defender will live on with the D7U unibody construction which underpins the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. The aluminum-intensive platform will be lighter, and will help keep costs down. Even though it’s ditching the body-on-frame setup synonymous with most off-road vehicles, the company promises that the new Defender will still be the most capable vehicle in its class.

The first concept could show up as early as 2018 prior to its scheduled 2019 debut. Apart from a unibody construction, the new Land Rover will come in several
different body styles, said design chief Gery McGovern in an interview, and that it will remain instantly recognizable as a Defender without too many retro cues.


Both a soft-top and a four-door options will be offered, and power will come courtesy of JLR’s four-cylinder Ingenium gas and diesel engines. The company kicked off production of its new Ingenium engines and Transcend transmissions last September as part of a $39.5-million investment into new technology for the company.

The most promising news of all is that the new Defender will be “sold in all global markets,” says Automotive News, including North America. Only a handful of Defenders were imported into the U.S. between 1993 and 1997, making them hard to come by. The new Defender is likely to be built at JLR’s new Nitra, Slovakia manufacturing plant.

Source: Moto1 via Automotive News

Image: autocar

BMW Z4 Concept Fully Leaked

The official debut of the BMW Z4 concept is coming later today.

BMW will reveal its Z4 concept at the Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance, thanks to images leaked by Bimmerlife and Autoblog.nel you don’t have to wait till the official premiere to see it.

The design of this car is striking. This car concept showcases BMW’s evolutionary design. Very aggressive front end and sharper sculptured lines. Also has sleek headlights with massive air intakes in the sporty looking front bumper. The 20-inch two tones five twin-spoke wheels are a very good look on this car. The rear has wide vertical taillights and a real nice looking diffuser.

The interior is similar to current BMW production models with the same basic layout. This concept is still a study for BMW and probably some of the concepts coolest design features won’t make it to the production model. The final Production version is expected in the first half of 2018, with a high chance of appearing in Geneva.

Source: Motor1  BimmerFile via Autoblog.nl

Latest Spy Pics of Mid-Engined 2019 C8 Corvette: Best View Yet of Cabin and Overall Proportions

Cover for Latest Spy Pics of Mid-Engined 2019 C8 Corvette: Best View Yet of Cabin and Overall Proportions

Chevrolet engineers are hard at work testing the upcoming mid-engined C8. Will this finally mean that GM is making a mid engine supercar for production?These snaps captured the C8 in a moment when the camouflage had peeled away from its roof, revealing the tall, dramatically curved windshield and the tapered roofline. Chevrolet is tipped to offer a choice of a solid roof, a lift-off top as on today’s C7, or a glass roof. Through the camouflage, we can discern the outline of the large rear glass under which sits the small-block V-8. The view of the open doors confirms that they’ll operate conventionally. We also get a good sense of the long wheelbase, the short rear overhang, the defined front fender tops, and the rounded tail.We expect the mid-mounted small-block to send as much as 500 horsepower to the rear wheels, distilled via a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.The C8 Corvette, code-named ZERV, is expected to finally shed its camo in January with a debut at the 2018 Detroit auto show. Production begins later next year or very early 2019. Meantime, we’ll keep mulling over these spy photos, because January is a long way away.
By Joe Lorio

First official look at a near-production ready Aston Martin Valkyrie

Here is Road and Tracks official first look at the new Aston Martin Valkyrie. Aston Martin just recently released number of images and details on a nearly-production-spec Valkyrie. This could definitely be a LMP1 car for the road. Road and Track reported, based on sources familiar with the Valkyrie’s development, that the car would produce 1130 hp from its naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 and will weigh around 2,270 lbs. Aston Martin hasn’t released drive train specs yet.

The cockpit has space for two passengers, but they’ll be sitting with their feet up, just like in a modern F1 or LMP1 car. Aston Martin confirmed that this car makes about 4000 lbs of down force. Aston Martin has told Road and Track it will be roadworthy everywhere it’s sold. That means the US also. Still wonder how this thing is Road Legal.

Will this be a supercar have as much of a impact and standout like the Lamborghini Countach, Mclaren F1 and Porsche 959 road car that will be remembered forever not only for there speed but the advancement of cars in general.


Article by tyler from fastestlaps.com same person as Peugeot 905.