Formula E could may get a electric touring car support series

An electric touring car support race could feature on the same bill as the FIA Formula E championship for the 2018/19 season, has reported.

The plan to introduce electric touring car support series is close to being firmed up, a announcement on the exact details from promoter Formula E Holdings Ltd could come as soon as October.

FIA President Jean Todt told reportedly in Montreal that the progression of the Formula E weekend show is something that has been looked at in detail.

“Clearly we want to develop electric racing,” said Todt. “We are discussing and studying the introduction of the electric car in other categories of motorsport and I feel it would be a good idea to introduce a second race during the [Formula E] race weekend.”

Todt did not tell of any specific plans, Todt did tell that plans for a support series on the Formula E bill are in discussion.

“I think there is a space to maybe introduce a different discipline as a support race,” he added. “It is something  we are thinking of.”

It has not been stated if the support series will be one make or will it be multi-manufacturer. With the charging time of electric cars setting sessions lengths and race time and distance can around the time of Formula E will proof to be difficult.


“surprises” on 2018/19 Formula E car, says Todt

The President of the FIA Jean Todt told “that the next generation of Formula E cars will include surprises” when the look of the design is unveiled later this year.

The 2018/19 Formula E programme will be lead by the FIA. This would be the first time the FIA had direct influence in the management and design of supplying a car to one of the series it sanctions. The futuristic looking design could feature a complete departure from the definitive single-seater, most notably around the rear of the car. This new design could give the car a more sports car style look.

“We like to make some good surprises and this[the season five car] will be a good surprise with new safety and technology on the car”, Todt told”

“The big change is only having one car[per driver, per race] and for me Formula E is a visionary category in motorsport.”Todt believes Formula E will be well-positioned after the annoucements by the French and British governments to ban the sale of pure internal combustion vans and cars by 2040.

“You have seen that by 2040 the Uk and France will ban any car that will not be hybrid,” said Todt.”

“Formula E is a show and it is a laboratory and as a show people love entertainment, so we want this kind of feeling.”

The Frenchman added that that recent announcements of Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes all joining the all-electric series have dispelled initial doubts about how popular it would be among manufacturers.

“We did not know who would come,” he admitted. “It is like a restaurant, you open it, you do your best and you don’t know who is going to come and eat there. Formula E was the same.

“We make a new championship and it has been great with the promoter and the FIA, we all truly believe in it. Now we know that manufacturers are competing to come, which is exactly what we want.”

Source Motorsport