Formula 2 unveils new 2018 car with Halo

The F2 2018 was unveiled at the Monza circuit August 31st. This car features a Halo cockpit protection device. This is the first car the class has introduced since 2011 when the series was known as GP2. This car has been designed to resemble the new generation of F1 machinery. The width of the car is unchanged from 1900mm but the car has more aggressive and wider bodywork styling. The car is 159mm longer than its predecessor also being 32kg heavier.

The F2 car will use a 3.4 liter turbocharged engine supplied by Mecachrome, This engine will produce 620hp @ 8,750rpm this means the series is moving away form the 4 liter naturally aspirated V8.The car’s DRS, virtual safety car and electronic systems have all been upgraded alongside an updated ECU, which has the scope to be developed for future seasons to control costs.Magneti Marelli will supply that ECU and deliver the car’s power supply management unit.The F2 2018 will retain a number of mechanical parts from the GP2/11, including the majority of the gearbox, brake system and some suspension components.The car will continue to use tyres supplied by Pirelli, but its wheel size is based on the 2016 F1 dimensions.

Bruno Michel the F2 boss hopes that the new car will promote overtaking in the category.

“Our focus has always been on providing a powerful, safe and challenging car which will encourage overtaking, and thanks to the new aerodynamics package we believe this car will both enhance racing and provide even more entertainment for our fans,” he told motorsport said.“Our philosophy has always been to match this with cost control for the teams, and we believe the F2 2018 will continue to limit operational costs and provide an attractive package to our teams.”

“The plan for a more structured junior formula ladder is designed to feature cars that better prepare drivers for the next step,” he continued.“For Formula 2, that means we needed a car that will not only educate, but will also allow the drivers that are most ready for Formula 1 to shine brightest.”“The car has been developed to include improved aesthetics, as well as bringing the safety level up to the highest standards for single-seater cars – and to ultimately bring it closer to a modern Formula 1 car on both of these points.”

The new 2018 Formula 2 car begins testing before the end of 2017 the first cars will be delivered mid-January 2018. two test sessions have been scheduled for December that will focus on this cars capabilities.

Source Motorsport

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