Aspark Owl The Japanese Electric Supercar you never heard of.

I am definitely sure you have never heard of the name Aspark Oak. Well the Aspark Owl is a Japanese Electric Supercar that is heading to the Frankfurt Motor Show as the quickest accelerating car in the world. The Japan-based Aspark has been developing an electric vehicle since 2014 according to it’s official website. This previously unheard of machine will debut in less than two weeks time at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The people behind this car should reveal all of the juicy technical specifications.

At the moment, we only know the performance-oriented EV has a full carbon fiber body and rides on super light magnesium wheels to further reduce weight. This car is (39 inches/990 millimeters) in height making it less than one meter tall and it aims to deliver mind blowing acceleration as the 0-62 mph(0-100 kph) is said to take less than two seconds.



It is not know at this point whether this will be a production model or a concept we only have these official renderings to go by and they’re not the highest of quality. The overall appearance suggest it’s more of a track beast only or the extremest of road cars with it’s low slung supercar looks. We will definitely know on September 12th when the ASpark Owl will be fully revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Source: motor1 , Aspark

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