The New TVR Griffith

TVR is back with the Brand new Griffith. With the launch of its 90,000pound ($118,548) V-8 powered supercar. This car packs a 5.0-litre quad-cam V-8 unit that is usually seen in Ford Mustang. But overhauled by Cosworth to deliver more power and torque. It’s dry sumped to lower the center of gravity and has 50/50 weight distribution.The Griffith uses a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual instead of dual-shift semi-auto transmission. The Griffith having a dry weight of 1250 kg this car is very light and boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 400bhp-per-tonne. This should put the Griffith into supercar territory. 0-100mph in six and a bit seconds with a 200 mph top speed.

The new Griffith is revolutionary in other key areas. It’s the first production car to deploy Gordon Murray Design’s iStream technology. This simplifies the manufacturing process while introducing carbon fiber giving the new Griffith structural rigidity TVR’s of the past never possessed. The chassis consists of carbon composite bonded to steel and aluminum, with body panels also in composite. The iStream tech gives the Griffith notable crash performance: the energy loads are directed through front and rear crash structures, leaving the chassis intact. It also has a fully flat underfloor so if a 200mph mission does present itself, you won’t end up troubling air traffic control. Aero? On a TVR?

The new Griffith has fully electric steering for the fist time in a TVR. The suspension uses double wishbones at either end, with adjustable coil-over dampers and concentric springs. This car rides on 275/30 tyres on 20in rims at the rear, 235/35 on 19’s at the front. To help this car stop it has a breaking system that uses six-piston aluminum calipers And two piece 370mm diameter ventilated discs upfront, four-piston ally calipers and two-piece 350mm vented discs at the rear. The Griffith has ABS and configurable traction control. The bonkers TVR interior’s of the past have been retired. The new Griffith gets bespoke dials and centrally mounted portrait infotainment screen. TVR has sold almost all of it’s 500 Launch editions, at £90,000 this is more expensive than TVR’s of the past. But this is a more refined different TVR.


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