2019 Continental GT Revealed

As proven by the 2019 Bentley Continental Gt tradition runs deep at Bentley. This car was revelaed at bentley’s headquarters in Creww, England. Right by the preproduction 2019 Gt was a 1953 Bentley R-type Continental coupe this car was the fastest four-seat car in the world in its day.

This car looking alot like the it’s 2012 predecassor you would think that this car is a facelift but it is not. The Gt’s new aluminum skin, as well as just about everything else down to the bottom of its treads it’s all new. One new thing that makes this all new to the older Gt’s is Bentley based the 2019 Continental GT on the same architecture that underpins the latest Porsche Panamera. This is parent company Volkswagen’s corporate MSB architecture. About 83 perecent of these parts have been modified for use in the Conti coupe.

Due to the MSB platfrom the Contential has a claimed weight savings of between 220 and 286 pounds over the old mode, which is dependent on equipment. The Contiental weighing about 5,000 pounds this car is no lightweight.The 2019 Continental is marginally larger than before—about a half-inch wider and that much lower but no longer. The biggest dimensional difference is that it rides on a 4.1-inch-longer wheelbase and that the MSB underpinnings push the front wheels 4.3inches farther forward relative to the base of the windshield, reducing the percentage of weight on the nose from 58 to 55 percent, says Bentley.

The GT’s standard power plant is again a silken twin-turbo W-12, this one based on the all-new version first seen in the Bentayga. It utilizes both direct and port fuel injection, a pair of twin-scroll turbochargers, cylinder deactivation, variable valve lift, and auto stop/start. The 12-cylinder develops 626 horsepower at 6000 rpm—an increase of 26 horses over the Bentayga’s mill. Torque is rated at 664 lb-ft at 1350 rpm, which matches that of the Bentayga and remains flat to 4500 rpm. On the off chance that anyone buying a $200,000-plus chariot cares, fuel efficiency is said to be improved by 16 percent.

The Continental’s W12 engine sends it’s torque to an eight-speed automatic it is a version of the panamera’s ZF-supplied unit-rather than the former eight-speed torque converter transmission. The GT rides on Pirelli P Zero tires-265/40ZR-21 fronts, 305/35R-21 rears through a new all wheel-drive system which directs 100percent of the car’s torque to the rear wheels in most driving situations.

The Gt’s huge horsepower discharge and all-wheel drive traction give this car excellent perfromance. Bentley is claiming a zerto to 60 mph time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 207 mph. Carandriver clocked the roughly 500-pound heavier Bentayga at 3.5 seconds to 60mph. The Bentley time is probably very conservative this Continetal will likely be quicker.This car goes on sale in America in mid-2018. With the lighter more lively platform this should be the fastest best driving Contential up to date.

Source Carandriver Autoweek


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